Sidney's 49th Oktoberfest a success

SIDNEY -- Brats and beers, sweets and homemade crafts filled the Cheyenne County Fairgrounds Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the 49th Sidney Oktoberfest.

"We feel it was a good year," said Oktoberfest board chairman Sally Harris. "We appreciate all the support and crowds."

She said the committee won't know the numbers for about a month. The committee plans to start work on the 50th event soon.

From the law enforcement desk, the 49th Sidney Oktoberfest was almost uneventful.

"The biggest thing that we had was obviously our 'Give Folks a Ride Home' program. Several people utilized that. We thank them for using us for that. We'd rather take folks home than have a wreck or crash, or even you get a DUI. DUIs are so expensive now a-days it's a lot cheaper to grab a deputy, jump in the patrol car with him, have a nice visit and drive home," said Cheyenne County Sheriff Adam Frerichs.

Frerichs said the role of deputies at the Oktoberfest is to make sure alcohol consumption stays within the designated area, inside the Oktoberfest tent.

"We just man the entrances and exits of the tent. The Oktoberfest Committee gets a liquor license and that liquor license is only good for inside the tent. So we try to monitor and keep people from taking alcohol outside the tent. Should there be a random alcohol inspector they'll shut the whole place down if they find alcohol outside of the fenced-in area, the designated area," Frerichs said. 

The deputies also assisted with lost-and-found reports at the event. 

"Overall, I'd say my biggest job was just visiting with everybody," Frerichs said.