SIDNEY - Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel presented Secrets of Great Customer Service April 24, 2024 at the Cheyenne County Fair Grounds.

The event was a part of the Red Carpet training put on by Rural Prosperity Nebraska supported by Cheyenne County Chamber of Commerce and Cheyenne County Tourism.

The event was held at the Cheyenne County Fair Grounds. Attendees were from Wildeflour Baking Company, Cheyenne County Historical Society, Adams Autos and Equipment, Savor, Grace and Safe at Home Sidney and Kimball County Visitors Center.

The training started off with how great customer service encourages tourist to stay longer in a community. Using Lodging Tax as an indicator in 2023 Cheyenne County had $338,787 (4%). In comparison to Scotts Bluff County at $544,471, Cherry County at $390,515, Dawes County at $253,977 and Keith County at $579,229. Which can make a huge impact on a community.

The training centered on the word SERVICE.
The “S” stands for “See it from the customer’s point of view.”
The “E” for “Enjoy helping others.”
The “R” for “respond courteously.”
The “V” for “volunteer your ideas.”
The “I” for “I can make a difference.”
The “C” for “Customer is always right.”
The “E” for “Every detail matters.”

During the group activities to help remind everyone what attractions are within an hour drive of Sidney, one table came up with 80 attractions within that hour drive.