SIDNEY -- Park Superintendent Tom Von Seggern told the Sidney City Council Tuesday the aquatic center is in need of repairs that could cost an estimated $16,000.

Von Seggern said a pool technician from Prestige Pools visited the City's aquatic center on June 5. It was determined that a leak was likely just outside of the wall of the pump pit, according to Von Seggern's memo to city council. The water leak is under the breeze way between the Bathhouse Building and the Mechanical Building. Repairs are to be scheduled after the swimming season.

Chase Frerichs to be named interim Parks Superintendent

Parks and Cemetery Superintendent Tom Von Seggern announced Tuesday Chase Frerichs will be named the interim Parks Superintendent in August. Tom Von Seggern is retiring. Von Seggern said in an email this morning he "will step back for retirement from the position" of Parks/Cemetery/Aquatic Superintendent. He said the intention is to have interviews for the full-time position in September.

In his memo to the city council, Von Seggern said Frerichs has a strong interest in trees as shown in his six years with the City of Lincoln and two years with the City of Sidney.

The announcement of Frerichs stepping up as interim Parks Superintendent was made in the June 25 city council meeting.

As interim Parks Superintendent, Frerichs will also be a permanent member of the tree board.

Von Seggern has served on the tree board since October 1999. Other members of the tree board serve three-year terms. Remaining members of the tree board are: Ryan Reisdorff (term expires April 2026), Steven Waller (term expires April 2026), Alecia Heidemann (term expires April 2025) and Andrew Lenzen (term expires April 2025)