SIDNEY, Neb. — A 50-year-old reportedly attempted to break into a Sidney home, made terroristic threats, and told police he killed a dog.

On Saturday, June 25th around 7:30 p.m. Sidney Police were dispatched to a criminal mischief call where it was reported that Daryl Kopriva was attempting to break into a Sidney residence.

Authorities said officers went to the house and reported seeing broken glass on the ground and dark tool marks on the door. 

Officers said they made contact with a woman who said she was in Sidney visiting her grandma. She reported meeting her grandma for dinner at 3 Margaritas restaurant where Kopriva met them a short time later. She told police Kopriva began touching her grandma inappropriately in the restaurant and her grandma told him to stop. Kopriva ordered margaritas to go and the three reportedly went to Kopriva’s house.

The same individual told authorities that at Kopriva's house a verbal argument broke out between Kopriva and her grandma. She reported that her grandma was wet with what she assumed was a margarita Kopriva threw at her.

The individual told police, that she and her grandma left the residence without Kopriva. While at her grandma’s house, she reported observing Kopriva speeding down the road towards the house. She said she locked the doors after seeing him. She told police she ran to her grandma’s bedroom to hide from Kopriva and her grandma was in the shower washing off what was assumed to be the margarita that was thrown at her.

While hiding, the individual told authorities she was crying because Kopriva began violently kicking the door. She said she heard the kicking and hitting noises stop for a moment then she walked out of the bedroom and heard Kopriva looking for something in his truck. She continued to hide and said Kopriva was now hitting the door and breaking the glass with a tool from his truck later, confirmed to be a metal crowbar. 

The individual said she was crying and being very scared. She said after several minutes Kopriva stopped hitting the door and left the residence. The girl told her grandma what happened and reported her grandma calling Kopriva and yelling over the phone. Her grandma said she was upset there was damage to the house she was renting.

Officers said the girl told police Kopriva returned to her grandma’s house again, drove up the driveway, and then backed out to park outside of the house before driving away after.

The girl told police and provided evidence that Kopriva was sending pictures to her grandma as threats. Kopriva sent pictures of him with a dog in his truck and a loaded gun, and a message saying he shot the dog. 

The Sidney Police said they went to Kopriva’s house. When Kopriva got home, officers made contact with him and had him exit the vehicle slowly. Officers said they asked him if he had any weapons and he stated “no.”

Officers said they arrested Kopriva and reported Kopriva smelt like alcohol, and his hands had dried blood on them. 

Officers said they searched Kopriva’s vehicle and reportedly found a loaded revolver with one bullet from the chamber missing, as well as a bloody dog collar. 

Authorities said the officers asked Kopriva to do a sobriety test and he became “rude and belligerent.” Kopriva refused a breath and sobriety test.

Officers said while they were driving to the jail, Kopriva was threatening them by saying he was going to, “hunt them down the first chance he gets.” Kopriva allegedly told officers it was going to take an army to get him out of the car and into the jail because he was going to get “very violent.”

Police said that at the jail, Kopriva refused to exit the patrol vehicle until a jail deputy talked with him and escorted him inside.

The report said Kopriva was charged with burglary, possession of burglary tools, a felony stalking offense, possession of a firearm while committing a felony, terrorist threats, third-degree assault, criminal mischief, alcohol DUI first offense, refusal to submit pretest, and disturbing the peace.

Police said they contacted the grandma who Kopriva was threatening to make sure she was safe. Police also asked her about the dog that was allegedly shot and killed she said the dog’s name was Bear. 

Kopriva told police he took the dog to Peetz, Colo. where he shot and killed it and left the carcass on the side of the ditch. 

According to Sidney Police Chief Joe Aikens, police have not found the body of the dog.