SIDNEY -- The Sidney School District Board of Education recognized the March Students of the Month Monday.

The Monthly Performance Award acknowledges other criteria as well as achievement. These criteria are:

1. Superior academic performance, (or), dramatic improvement of classroom work, G.P.A. or attitude toward learning.

2. Exceptional work effort toward a particular class project.

3. Outstanding Contribution to the class.

4. Leadership exhibited in the class/school.

5. Citizenship emphasized and modeled.

6. Service to school.

Recognized for the March 2023 Performance Awards are: 

7th grade -- Kadence RossKadence shows leadership in the classroom by being a positive role model for her peers. During instruction, she is always focused and she asks questions for clarification so she can do her best on assignments and tests. When work gets tough, Kadence perseveres. She is involved in many activities at SMS and takes her classwork seriously, always completing work to a high level. Kadence has been a joy to have in classes this year at SMS. She is the daughter of Brandon and Melissa Ross.

8th grade -- Kellan Mathine: Kellan is a respectful student to his peers and the staff here at SMS. It does not matter who the individual is, Kellan is being respectful, helping where he can and giving it his all to treat that individual with respect and kindness. He is willing to help students on projects and subjects that they may be struggling in. he is willing to help students catch up on notes and materials that they may have missed during the time they are absent. He has a positive attitude and that positivity is contagious amongst his peers. Kellan is dedicated to his education, studies and success. Kellan is the son of Thomas and Miranda Mathine.

9th grade -- Raven Dinorog: Raven is polite, respectful, studious, driven, communicates well and is determined. He is involved in JTOH, Show Choir, Musical, Tutoring, Track and Field. Raven enjoys participating in the performing arts. His future plans after high school are to study law and become a lawyer. Raven is the son of Peachy Dinorog.

10th grade -- Faith Frye: Faith was selected because she has a great attitude, is always focused in class and is willing to greet her peers and teachers. She is involved in Cross Country, One Act and Speech. Faith enjoys drawing, fishing and writing along with helping out on her grandparent's farm. Her future plans are to join the military with the possibility of becoming a teacher or a lawyer. Faith is the daughter of Shelly Sutherland and Sean Sutherland.

11th grade -- Duncan Carrasco: Duncan was chosen because he is doing great in class and has a positive attitude. Duncan is involved in Cross Country, Basketball, Track, Musical, Speech, One Acts, NHS and FCCLA. he enjoys working at Dairy Queen, his favorite class is science, his favorite teacher is Mrs. Lewis and he loves running. Duncan's future plans are to attend a college, but is undecided as to where and what his major would be. He plans to become an actor or a teacher. Jenn and Todd Carrasco are his parents.

12th grade -- Zoe Fornander: Zoe has a positive attitude and is doing an awesome job in class. She is involved in FFA and enjoys snowboarding, being outside and doing crafts in her spare time.  Zoe's future plans are to have a career in agriculture or natural resources. Zoe is the daughter of Zac and Nicki Fornander.