SIDNEY --  On May 11, Sidney High School students shared their experiences interning with local businesses and occupations.

The program started about 1 1/2 years ago, said Tess Plummer, associate principal and director of Career Pathways program. It is designed for high school seniors.

"We pair them with a community member or business based off of their area of interest. For the most part, it has been a fantastic program," Plummer said.

She said the hope is to see the program continue to grow with students interested in the program.

The program is for all students, she said. Plummer said Sidney High School's electives are very "programs of study specific." The curriculum follows the Nebraska Career Education Model. She said students take a lot of introductory, intermediate and capstone courses.

"Really, our targeted audience are the kids who have participated in those three different layers of courses. They've had the background experience and are ready for the next step which would be an internship," she said.

On May 11, interns and representatives of the agencies they interned with met at the Sidney High School media center to present a review of their experiences.

Kristopher Foster interned with the Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office the entire school year.

"Basically every day I would show up and I would just spend a lot of time with deputies themselves as well as a couple of other people over at the Sheriff's Office. I would go through the jail, see the different processes every day that they and the deputies would do. I also got to spend a lot of time in courtrooms, just seeing the processes of court," Foster said. "Everything I learned at the internship will definitely help me in a career in law enforcement in the future."

Krishnaraj Ganesan interned with the tech department at Sidney High School. 

"The experience, it really helped me a lot with how hardware and software are closely connected. I want to do software engineering. I'm going to UNL for that," he said.

He said the experience taught him teamwork, to ask for help when needed.

Austin Roelle interned at the Sidney Regional Medical Center's IT department. 

"I was able to work in a more adult environment. Being able to go out into the field through the IT department, it was very helpful because it is a very broad spectrum when you do work out of the hospital versus big corporations that do mainly focus on technology and certain things like that.