The Kimball Police Department is hoping to fight back against violence toward women. In a statement released Wednesday, the department announced that they will gauge interest in a women's self-defense course. Ladies in and around the Kimball community are encouraged to visit the Kimball, Nebraska Police Facebook Page and share their interest and ideas for a police led self defense course.

"Self-defense opens up this source of freedom for women in an imperfect world. Building confidence in physical resistance skills allows women to feel more capable and more at peace when in potentially dangerous areas, as they know the proper techniques to help fend off an attacker," the statement reads.

One in three women will face violence in their lifetime. The department points out this number has not really changed over the past 10 years. Self defense tactics may give you an upper-hand in an attack or give you time to getaway.

A time line for the program has not yet been setup as Kimball Police remain in the exploratory phase. Chief Jose Ruiz hopes the course could be offered to the public free of charge and welcome ladies ages 13 and up.