SIDNEY - Sidney High School and Middle School held their last concert of the school year on Tuesday May 14, 2024.

Directors David and Jennifer Mead were unable to attend due to personal reasons. That in no way stopped the music from flowing.

Senior Duncan Carrasco stepped in to direct the Middle School Choir. Senior Ty Grunig had the honor of directing the Senior High Choir through their program.

Becky Sager who stepped in to award the certificates of excellence for each class delivered a message from the Mead’s of how difficult it was to choose because of how amazing and talented the students are.

The certificate of excellence for awarded to the outstanding freshman was given to Zaid Guerrero. The certificate for the outstanding Sophomore was awarded to Raven Dinorog. The certificate for the outstanding Junior was awarded to Deanna Horst.

Sager recognized the many seniors who demonstrated an amazing amount of diligence and leadership throughout the lastfew weeks. She then announced the names and number of years each senior had devoted to the service of the Sidney choir.

Lucas Booe 4 years
Duncan Carrasco 3 years
Daisy Garner 4 years
Vernon Graham 3 1/2 years
Jesalynn Green 4 years
Ty Grunig 4 years
Ellie Hollingshead 3 years
Issy Neve 3 years
Madi Packer 4 years
Luke Uhlir 4 years
Grace Weber 4 years
Kaitlin Corbin 4 years
Alli Butts 4 years

The certificate for the outstanding senior was awarded to Madi Packer.

Sager announced an award that had never been given before to a Sidney High School student. The award for demonstrating excellence in vocal music went to Ty Grunig.

The evening ended with the Middle School and choir alumni singing the song River in Judea.